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California Destination Garden Ceremony Shoot- Preet & Arvind

Cozy California Garden Ceremony

I had such a wonderful time celebrating my dear friends Preet and Arvind during their intimate garden ceremony in California! Undoubtably the beautiful scenery of the California park made the day feel magical, but being there for my friends was the best part. Life is all about being there for the people you care about the most, especially for milestones like a marriage.

Preet and Arvind promised each other forever in the presence of their closest friends. After the ceremony, we had a great time using the California foliage to create unique and beautiful photos that all of us will cherish forever! Clearly, there couldn’t have been a more perfect place to commemorate the commitment this couple made to each other.

Clearly, a wedding does not have to be elaborate and large to be special. This ceremony had delicate touches of decor and utilized the natural beauty to the venue to create a wedding fit for a magazine! It’s clear that with the right people, a beautiful location, and a great wedding photographer, you can make wonderful memories that you’ll never forget!

The Photos

Distance shot of cozy California Indian civil ceremony
Distance shot of Indian California garden ceremony
Happy Indian garden ceremony
Indian bride and groom laugh with her officiant and friend at their cozy California wedding
Indian bride and groom marry at cozy garden ceremony
Bride and groom wed at their cozy garden ceremony
Indian bride and groom hold hands at their California garden ceremony
Sweet bride and groom hold hands at their cozy California ceremony
Close up shot of Indian groom putting ring on his bride
Close up shot of Indian groom putting ring on this Indian bride
Indian bride puts the grooms ring on
Happy bride weds her Indian groom
Groom weds his bride
Close friend marries Indian couple
Sweet moment with Indian bride and groom
Loving Indian couple get married
Newlyweds walk toward new life together
Newlyweds share a sweet moment together
Engagement ring of Indian bride
California Indian civil ceremony
Sunny photo of Indian newlyweds
Bride and groom together after their ceremony
Goofy moment with the bride and groom
Stunning shot of reflection
Loving moment with newlywed Indian couple
Romantic moment with Indian bride and groom
Cheers to the Indian newlyweds
Autumn Indian civil ceremony
Cozy California scenery for wedding shoot
Punjabi groom spins his bride
Gorgeous California civil ceremony
Intimate moment with Indian bride and groom
Regal Indian couple at California civil ceremony
Happy Indian couple celebrate their wedding
Groom spins his Indian bride
Unique couple shot in California
Glowing couple California civil ceremony
Stunning Indian newlyweds
Beautiful bride twirls in pink smoke
Warm embrace in purple haze
Young couple celebrate their marriage

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