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The Catch motion Journal

Their royal Sikh love story.

Before their grand royal Sikh wedding, Gurpreet and Navneet met at an event for her Bhangra team. Gurpreet was hired to DJ the event, but was an hour late. Despite this annoying Navneet, he gave such a fantastic performance that he eventually caught her eye. Navneet decided to play the long game and didn’t give him the time of day. Naturally, a lovestruck Gurpreet went home and confidently announced to his parents that he had met his future wife. Gurpreet managed to get Navneet’s phone number from a mutual friend and they went on a date. To win her affection, Gurpreet romantically gave Navneet roses every date to match the number of times they had been out. Thus began their love story.

Navneet and Gurpreet had crossed paths before. A few months before their fated meeting, Navneet was spending a stressful evening waiting for the rest of her Bhangra team to show up for practice when a black car blasting Bindrakhia zoomed into the driveway. She rolled her eyes and sighed to her friend, “Oh god, don’t you hate that we have to marry one of those?” Little did she know she was lamenting over her future husband!

The Proposal

When the time came, Gurpreet, ever the romantic, gave Navneet her dream proposal in October of 2018. He arranged the proposal on the rooftop of The Graham Hotel in Washington, DC, complete with rose petals. Navneet always joked with Gurpreet that she was too clever to be surprised, but Gurpreet finally got her on that special day.

Special Credit goes to incredible Team of Leading Vendors of Washington DC

Event styling & decor: @sarahkhaneventstyling

Wedding day photo/video: @catchmotionstudio

Planning: @projectbridedc

Event rentals: @selecteventgroup

Catering: @indaroma

Henna: @bhavnashenna

Bridal HMU: @glowbyherneet

Bridal party HMU: @sks_salon

Pagh tying: @pagh_life

Bridal jewelry: @sapnascreationsjewelry @rjs_company

Sound: @eliteent

Bride & Groom Outfits: @rimpleandharpreet

Family outfits: @anis.collections1

Wedding aisle decor
Wedding Decor
Blush wedding decor
Muted flower arrangements
Stunning cozy wedding ceremony decor
Stunning wedding decor
Close up of the little decor special touches
Backyard wedding welcome card
Rose petals for bride and groom
Distance shot of groom getting ready
Sikh groom gets ready for backyard ceremony
Close up of Sikh groom getting ready
Groom gets ready behind his graduation photo
Black and white photo of seated Sikh groom
Black and white photo of Sikh Groom
Close up of beautiful bride
Bride gets ready for big day
Close up of the beautiful bride
Stunning Indian bride
Tradition Indian bride
Bride and groom with family and friends
Sikh bride and groom celebrate with family and friends
Groom clips the ribbon
Groom snuggles close to his bride
Bride and groom pose with their wedding decor
Happy Sikh bride and groom
Dramatic shot of the bride and groom
Sleek Sikh bride and groom
Sikh groom dips his beautiful bride
Romantic shot of the bride and groom
Bride gives striking look to the camera

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