Hindu Wedding Virginia – Lansdowne Resort, Leesburg VA I Priyanka & Viral

July 12, 2019

Hindu Wedding Virginia, Lansdowne Resort, Leesburg VA I Priyanka & Viral


Decoration: Manju Mehta

Photography: Catch Motion Studio

Videography: Yours Video – Raj

Catering: Silk

Bridal Make Up: Salon SBS

DJ: Saumil

Varmala: Brindhaavan Flowers

Venue: Lansdowne Resort and Spa, Leesburg VA


Boy meets girl:

I used to live in Washington DC area and Priyanka was in Northern Virginia. We frequented the same spots in DC, walked along the same streets but we never met. I moved to San Francisco and Priyanka visited San Francisco a few times but we didn’t meet then either. Fast forward to June 2017, fate conspired and we connected through a mutual friend. I was initially hesitant (long distance) but I am so glad that I took that first step by messaging her and here we are!

After exchanging a ton of messages and phone calls, we finally met in September 2017. It was more fun than I anticipated! She “chauffeured” me around 😉 – we went to Shenandoah National Park…did some hiking i.e. walked a few steps because somebody wasn’t wearing appropriate footwear. We then went to our favorite spots in DC. It was fun to see the city through her eyes. Thereafter, we continued to meet every month.

He popped the question…and she said yes!

That day started as just another day for me. I went to work and after that I had plans for dinner with some work friends. My friend Kavya was messaging me to meet after dinner at my place. I quickly went home and started cleaning my apartment (I am so glad I did that!). At the same time, I was texting with Viral and we were catching up on our day. Soon enough, Kavya messaged to say that she was at the door. I went down to the lobby and opened the door for her. She stood there talking with me for a minute and then I saw a figure from the corner of my eye. I was totally taken aback – it was Viral! He was looking so cute standing there with flowers in his hands and Kavya started smiling mischievously. I couldn’t speak for a few seconds and as soon as I got my voice back, I remember asking Viral why he was here. He just bent down on his knees and proceeded to ask me the easiest question I ever had to answer…my answer was a resounding Yes!

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