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Rajveer Johal + Ricky Nakai’s Sikh wedding in Virginia

Rajveer Johal + Ricky Nakai’s Sikh wedding Virginia.

Ricky and Rajveer, surprisingly have been in one another’s lives since middle school, but never noticed each other. Years later mutual friends constantly hanging out allowed them to catch each other attention. Ricky saw a driven young women who was always focused on bettering herself, while she saw a loving young man. #rickyandrajveer

Credits: –

Decor : Dharma Events –

Dj/ Lighting: Dj Money & Dj Pawan

Wedding Planner: Pawan Singh ♔

Venue: Raj Khalsa Gurdwara, Sterling VA

Video: PVES – Raj (Maryland)

Food: 5 Tara – Indian Cuisine

Wedding Hashtag: #rickyandrajveer

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