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The Reveal Party – Baby Dhillon

The Happy Day

They say that the best things in life are a surprise. But this is the best one yet! With a big reveal around the corner, the Dhillon family was ready to see if they were getting a little boy or girl. And they were having a little… princess! So their dreams came true when Gagan found out she was getting a shopping partner and Mehar was going to have a little partner in crime. Ultimately, it was a day to remember!

The Photos

Indian gender reveal sign
Sign for Indian family’s gender reveal party
Indian gender reveal decorations
Indian decorations with balloons
Indian gender reveal party decorations
Cute party decorations for Indian family
Indian couple discover they are having a baby girl
Indian couple find out they are having a baby girl
Indian husband and wife are overjoyed at their baby's gender reveal
Indian couple overjoyed to find out they are having a baby girl
Indian father-to-be jumps for joy at gender reveal
Father to be jumps for joy when he finds out he’s getting a daughter
Indian couple celebrate at gender reveal
Couple celebrates their baby girl
Indian Husband and Wife celebrate
Husband and wife get excited at their baby’s gender reveal
Happy couple at Indian gender reveal
Young Indian couple find out they’re having a baby girl
Indian family celebrates with couple at their baby's gender reveal
Loved ones celebrate with couple at their baby’s Indian gender reveal
Indian Family Photo at gender reveal
Photo with Indian father-to-be
Indian family embrace at couple's gender reveal
Family celebrates young Indian couple
Indian gender reveal cake pops
Cake pops at Indian party
Indian couple pose with gender reveal cake
Indian couple pose with their cake
Indian couple at gender reveal
Sweet Indian couple pose together
Indian couple cut pink cake at gender reveal
Pregnant Indian couple cut the cake at their gender reveal party
Pink gender reveal cake at Indian gender reveal
Pink cake at Indian party
Close up of the gender reveal cake at Indian Gender Reveal
Close up shot of the cake at Indian party
Indian family pose with couple
Big Indian family pose with the expectant couple
Indian couple celebrate their baby girl
Parents to be celebrate their future baby girl
Pink balloons at Indian Gender Reveal
Pink balloons for the new baby girl
Indian couple pose in a meadow
Parents pose for maternity photos
Indian father to be watches his pregnant wife
Father to be gives a loving look to his pregnant wife
Indian pregnant woman with pink balloons
Pregnant woman poses with pink balloons
Indian couple overjoyed with baby girl
Overjoyed Indian with baby girl
Close up of expectant Indian mother's baby belly
Close up of expectant Indian mother’s baby belly
Barn photo with expectant Indian mother
New Indian mother celebrates her baby daughter
Indian couple expect baby girl
Couple joyfully expect baby girl
Loving expectant Indian couple
Loving expectant Indian couple
Expectant Indian couple hold hands
Expecting Indian couple hold hands
Indian couple and mom's baby bump
Baby bump of Indian mother-to-be
Expectant Indian parents embrace
Expectant Indian parents embrace
Indian husband and wife
Smiling husband and wife look forward to their baby girl
Happy Indian mom-to-be
Expectant Indian mom-to-be
Indian couple pose for maternity photos
Indian couple pose for maternity photos
Happy Indian couple pose with pink balloons at gender reveal
Happy Indian couple pose with pink balloons

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